Taking Care of Your Relationships 

Taking Care of Your Relationships

Relationships are the foundations of everyone’s life. A person’s health, personality, thoughts, behavior, and choices are directly and indirectly impacted by his or her close relatives.  

Importance of relationship

Relationships play a vital role in human life. Every type of relation has its unique place, be it husband-wife, sister-brother, friends, parent-child, office colleagues, neighbors, business partners, etc. related relationship. As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs [1], humans seek love and feelings of belongingness and acceptance from their relationships (family, peers). Fulfillment of this need results in happiness and satisfaction while non-fulfilment can lead to frustration and ill-health 

Root Causes of Problems in Close Relationships

Every relationship faces some sort of problem at some point of life. Some common causes of relationship problems are: 

  • Unrealistic and unclear expectations
  • Communication gaps
  • Ego clashes
  • Difference in priorities
  • Drinking or drug usage [2]
  • Health issues
  • Lack of respect
  • Not enough intimacy
  • Insecurities and comparison
  • Not listening properly
  • Finding faults and putting blames
  • Lack of empathy and love
  • Unsupportive and uncompromising nature
  • Financial issues
  • Cheating and infidelity [2]
  • Not giving personal time
  • Too many physical or emotional desires
  • Lack of forgiveness [3] and gratitude [4]
  • Anger [5] and stress
  • Holding onto past [6]
  • Misunderstandings and miscommunication [6]

Helpful Solutions to Relationship Problems

Wherever there is a problem, there exists some solution. Relationships problems may sometimes seem complex but with personal and professional care they can be sorted out. Some ways to resolve relationship problems are: 


  • Effective communication: One of the biggest destroyers in any relationship is communication gap. One must try to reduce it by proper communication. Healthy communication can increase relationship satisfaction. [7]  Sharing thoughts, emotions, and feelings with another person can be highly beneficial for relationships. Also, rather than assuming or judging it is always better to clear any misunderstanding.  

  • Embracing the differences and staying satisfied: Being flexible, open, and compromising can give a comfortable space to another person and help build a strong relationship. Also, it is important to be satisfied with the partner or relative and avoid infidelity.   

  • Spending quality time [8]: Everyone needs personal time with their loved ones. The best way to make someone feel special is to give

  • them quality time. It can be done by going out for a trip or movie, walking in a park, doing or making something special together, sharing best moments, etc.  

  • Expressing gratitude and appreciating people: Most of the time, people take others for granted, this is where the relationship starts weakening. Expressing gratitude and appreciating the other person can remarkably improve the bond.[9] 

  • Working on yourself: Most people in a relationship want to change the other person, and are unwilling to look at their own faults and shortcomings. Reducing bad habits, inculcating spiritual and moral values, and working on strengths, can make people more attractive and reliable. Improving yourself can improve relationships.  

  • Relationship therapies: There are various proven therapies like multi-systemic family therapy (MST) [10] , experiential family therapy, behavioral couples therapy (BCT), behavioral marriage therapy (BMT) and solution focused brief therapy (SFBT), structural family therapy (SFT), relationship enhancement therapy, etc. which improve the quality of relationships and help in resolving conflicts. Seeking professional help is always advised to save the relationship. We at Krsh provide expert counseling for all kinds of relationship issues which have benefited hundreds of families and couples.  

Concluding remarks

Relationships are precious and special. That’s why they require special care. Many times there can be problems in relationships due to ego, misunderstandings, miscommunications, bad habits, expectations, infidelity, etc., but there are some good ways to sort them out. Investing quality time and energy, cherishing other people’s qualities, and seeking professional help can show notable positive changes in relationships.