We allow solving mild mental wellness issues, by which 25% of population is effected. A list of such mild issues is given here (these topics are part of our 1-month research internship). The counseling process essentially involves improvement in following areas of wellness:

  1. Physical Wellness
  2. Emotional Wellness
  3. Social Wellness
  4. Spiritual Wellness
  5. Intellectual Wellness


We do not allow counseling which needs medical intervention. We do not allow counseling where buddy has tendency to harm himself or others. We do not allowing counseling if buddy exhibits a sense of emergency or crisis. This has important legal considerations. If you counsel someone who later harms themselves, you may be held legally responsible. For such cases, you should refer them to hotlines here.

Further, Rebound Buddy always gets to chose whom they want to counsel and whom they don’t. You may mention in your profile your preferences for gender, age, location, language, types of challenges you help etc.

Krsh encourages you to collect fees from anyone who has the capacity to pay. See below guidelines on how to setup your session fees.

Krsh is a nonprofit organization, and does not has any “clients”. Krsh is incorporated with the mission to serve society without making any profits.

This being said, Krsh will refer benefiaries to you, once you have successfully counseled a minimum of 3 benefiaries on your own. Based on feedback given by first 3 beneficiaries, and your performance in training, Krsh will make your profile discoverable to benefiaries seeking help.

If the buddy is known to you, we do allow offline sessions. However, offline sessions is not allowed if RB and Buddy don’t know each other in advance, for their own security.

If you are a licensed therapists already doing your own practice, you still have many benefits to practice via Krsh platform. You may write to us on [email protected] for a separate profiling.

We will give you an experience certificate of contractual employment once you help minimum 3 beneficiaries.

We take regular feedback from the buddy to understand whether they are comfortable. We also take regular assessments of the RB to understand their learning curve.

We do not record or overhear the interactions in any case. This gives RB ample freedom to apply personal, common-sense driven approached to help the buddy.

We will provide you stuff to showcase your skills. This includes your service brochure and content for sharing on social media. Also handholding support for any query or concern.

1 out of 4 people in young urban population need help with mental wellness. So you have enough beneficiaries all around. It could be your nephew or niece, or even younger sibling of your friend. It is specially easy to counsel those younger than you by 4 or more years- teenagers. Teenagers are also the worst effected population in today’ digital age.
Further, we give you 12 months to help just 3 beneficiaries. If even that does not happen, you have nothing to lose. You will only learn and gain skills trying to attempt it.

You may be aware that more than 1 billion people across globe face issues in mental wellness. The biggest challenge for these billion beneficiaries is stigma and hesitation to seek help. IF the RB himself/herself is hesitant, there is no scope of removing the hesitation of beneficiary. You should not provide sessions at Krsh in this case.

Krsh is financially backed by its founder Mr. Saurabh Lohiya. Krsh is also supported by volunteers who work for free without charging any fees. Further, Krsh passes on you the platform fees (3% per transaction) and compliance fees (3% per transaction).

  1. The purpose of fee should be that Buddy “values” your time and effort to help them out. And that they should attend a session with respect, sincerity and hope. Hence, you may charge a variable fee to each buddy, depending on their paying capacity.
  2. The fee charged for rapport sessions may be minimum of what buddy spends on food and drinks in ONE day, with a minimum cap of Rs. 100 per session.
  3. The fee charged for brainstorming sessions may be minimum of what buddy spends on food and drinks in TWO days, with a minimum cap of Rs. 100 per session.
  4. The fee charged for conclusion sessions may be minimum of what buddy spends on food and drinks in ONE day, with a minimum cap of Rs. 100 per session.
  5. If someone negotiates you for fees, you may mention them industry benchmark of Rs. 6-20 per minute for listening alone, while you can provide a lot more. This translates to Rs. 360 to Rs. 1200 per hour.
  6. If someone negotiates you for fees, you may tell them the exclusive benefits of donating to Krsh. (A) Krsh is a nonprofit, so they save 18% GST upfront (B) Krsh provides tax saving 80G certificate, so they save tax on 50% of their donation amount.
  7. You may provide free sessions to underprivileged or anyone who cannot afford it. To setup a free session, write from your registered email id to [email protected]