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How to talk anonymously and keep my info private?

Even if the Rebound Buddy knows you personally, you can keep yourself anonymous during sessions.

  1. Your personally identifiable information, such as email, name and address are strictly kept confidential by Krsh. RB does not get access to such info.
  2. Make sure to keep your nick name (in profile) totally unrelated to your real name
  3. Make sure your zoom account shows only nick name
  4. Use a voice changer, so that you cannot be identified with your original voice
  5. If you still face issues to mask your real identity, contact Rebound Buddy via text chat. He/she will help you.
How do I get Tax Saving 80G Receipts for my donation?

When making payment for the session, make sure to provide your current PAN and city. PDF receipt of donation will be automatically emailed to you. You can claim a 50% tax rebate on the amound of donation made.

How to get help for my teenage child?
Krsh allows you to book session with RB on behalf of your child. Make sure to discuss via chat with Rebound Buddy on the kind of help required for your child.

  1. If your child is not comfortable to attend a session with you around, you may comfort him/her by leaving alone during the session
  2. You may allow your child to take counseling anonymously based on his/her preferences

Can you suggest me another RB for myself/my child’s problem
Yes, it depends on your requirements. Please tell us your expectations on [email protected]

What if I am not satisfied with the session given by RB?

Krsh allows you to text chat with RB before booking a session. However, if you think RB made a mistake, we request your to inform us on [email protected], so we can take necessary action.

Do you charge commissions?

We are a nonprofit organization and do not charge any commission on the fees to be paid to RB.


Can I donate for the sessions for underpriviledged section of society? or someone I know personally?

Yes sure, please provide the details here at [email protected]

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